Breath. Emotion. Improvisation.

Miriam Jameson is a musician and collaborative artist currently located in Southern California. Jameson’s music is a story through improvisation at the piano: of life and love, of pain and growth, and ultimately, of peace.

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Music: Albums & Singles

home, miriam jameson, improvisation, piano, piano music
Home is a story at the piano: Of finding and tapping into the feeling of home within. Listen and observe. What does home feel like to you? What do you notice as you listen? 

Chakras & Binaural Beats
chakra, binaural beat, miriam jameson, piano, piano music, improvisation
Chakras & Binaural Beats is an album of exactly that: binaural beats and other chakra-related sounds and frequencies that move through from root to crown. The first 7 tracks, corresponding to each chakra, are exactly 11-minutes in length. The final track, a melding of all 7 together, is 77-minutes and moves seamlessly from root to crown.

Time Stands Still
Time Stands Still represents, in many ways, a 3 year journey for Jameson. The 19 improvisations meld together sounds embodying experiences related to heart, heartache, love, loss, growth, change, and grief.

Peace on Earth
peace on earth, miriam jameson, piano, piano music, improvisation
Peace on Earth is an album of improvisations with ode to some of Jameson's most-loved holiday and Christmas songs.

Yoga Tone Poems
yoga tone poems, miriam jameson, piano, piano music, improvisation
While the 9 improvisations of Yoga Tone Poems differ in key or sound, they have an overwhelming theme that weaves throughout: The deepest feeling of peace and calm.

Baby J
miriam jameson, music, piano, piano music, improvisation, baby j
Baby J is a musical improvisation processing an unexpected pregnancy and miscarriage. Miriam performed the single live at the annual First Candle Charity gala in New York City.

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